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Rates & Fees

Effective as of: 07/03/2024
Fee CategoryFee Detail
Share Savings
Dormant/Inactive Account Fee$5.00/month
Share Draft Account Fees
ACH/Draft Return$24.00
Deposit Return Item$28.00
Overdraft Protection Transfer$5.00
Negative Account Fee$5.00
Gold Checking$7.50
Stop Payment Fee$25.00
Debit Card Replacement $10.00
Non-Sufficient Funds$24.00
Rush Debit Card or ATM Card order$75.00
Excess Number of Withdrawals (Share account only, Regulation D)
Share min. balance requirement not met$10.00
Money Market min. balance req. not met$10.00
Wire Transfer Fees
Outgoing Domestic $25.00
Outgoing International$50.00
Incoming (includes Western Union)$10.00
IRA Fees
Account Close Fee$10.00
Annual Custodial Fee$10.00
Portland Local 8 FCU VISA Credit Card Fees
Over limit fee$25.00
Card Replacement (lost)$10.00
Rush Replacement$75.00
Late Payment$25.00
Returned Payment (NSF or account closed) $25.00
Cash Advance $5.00
Statement reprint fee$10.00
Sales Draft copy$10.00
Balance Transfer3% of transfer, minimum $5.00, maximum $75.00
Convenience Check fee3% of transfer, minimum $5.00, maximum $75.00
Foreign Transaction fee0.80%(single currency)/1.00%(multiple currency)
On Demand ACH Payment $5.00
Loan Fees
Late Fee20% of the interest due, minimum of $10.00
Credit Report$18.00
Skip Payment$30.00
Tax and Vacation Loan Doc Prep$125.00
Title Processing Feevaries by county
GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection)$525.00 -$1000.00
Loan Origination Fee"A and "A" grade - $0.00
"B" grade - $50.00
"C" and "D" grade - $75.00
Home Equity Line of Credit Origination Fee1% of Line of Credit Limit
Home Loan Reconveyance Fee$200-$300 per Title Company/Country
Mechanical Breakdown Coverage Ins.varies by vehicle
Miscellaneous Fees
Cash Advance Third Party Credit Card Fee1% of case advance amount, min. of $25 fee per occurrence
Third Party Debit Card Plastic Payment Fee$10 per occurrence
Cashier's Check$2.00
Copy of Item/Statement$2.50
Coin Counter 5% of total
ACH Origination $2.00 per item
ACH Origination Same Day $5.00 per item
Gift Card Purchase$2.00 per card
Account Research$25.00
Credit or Financial Counseling Services$25.00/hr
Legal Processing(garnishments/tax levies/etc.)$15.00
Collection Item Processing$8.50
Foreign Item Processing$5.00
Check Cashing (Non-Members)$10.00
Invalid Address $5 per month
Abandoned Account / Escheatment$25.00

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