Protect yourself at ATMs!

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Credit and debit card skimming is when potential thieves steal or "skim" your card information.  They use it to create an illegal copy of your card or to charge items to your card over the phone or internet.  Thieves use skimming devices that are small, easily portable, and hard to detect.  Certain types are illegally installed on ATMs and sales terminals such as gas pumps. 

Card skimmers fit over the original card readers.  As you insert your card, the account information stored on it is skimmed by the device.  Keypad overlays are placed directly on top of factory-installed keypads.  The pad stores your key strokes to obtain your PIN.  They may also install hidden cameras to view your PIN information.

Steps to protect yourself:

1.  Always cover the PIN pad with one hand while entering the PIN with your other hand

2.  Wiggle the card reader, if it jiggles or comes out do not use it and report to police

3.  If a keypad looks thick, seems to be raised or loose, do not use and report.

As always if you have any questions, we are here to help!