Credit Union Fraud Tips

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5 Tips on how to protect your Credit Union cards from fraud


  1. Always check the machine you are using whether it is at an ATM or a gas pump

One of the most common ways that scammers will try to get your card information is through the card reader machines.  They will attach a “skimmer” over the card reader, which captures your card data and appears to be a part of the machine. 

Skimmers can be tough to detect, but there are some things that you can check for:

  • Check for any signs of tampering to the card reader, such as scratches and marks
  • Check for anything that looks out of place, such as colors not matching, etc.
  • Try wiggling or pulling out the card reader, they should not be loose or come out

If you notice anything out of the ordinary report it right away to the institution and if your card had already been in the reader contact the Credit Union immediately to block the card.

  1. Always cover your PIN number when you are prompted to enter it into a machine

Most skimmers also include a camera located somewhere on the machine so the scammer can gain access to your card information along with your PIN number.  Make sure to use your free hand to cover the hand you are using to enter in your PIN number.

  1. Be careful when giving card information over the phone

In most cases it is normal to give your card information over the phone, such as making purchases or paying bills, etc.  However, you need to always know who you are talking to.  Never give your card information out to someone who has called you, use the number from their website and return the call if needed. 

Also make sure you are not around other people that could be listening to your conversation and recording or writing down your card information.

At the Credit Union, we will NEVER call you and ask for your card information over the phone

  1. Check your account balances frequently

Make sure to check your account balances frequently to be able to identify and detect fraud if it occurs.  This won’t prevent your card information from being compromised, but it will help minimize the impact if it were to happen.

  1. Using an RFID card sleeve helps


Protect your card information from being stolen right out of your wallet with an electronic device.Keep your card safer in an RFID sleeve which we can provide you here at the Credit Union.


Remember we are here to help, so if you have any questions or concerns give us a call!